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I suffer from Diabetes type 2. It is a self-inflicted non-infectious disease that is very common in Zambia and Africa, and increasingly around the world. This is my CSR page that explains how I manage this disease on a daily basis. If I do not manage it effectively, I suffer from tiredness and blurred vision, I get up several times a night, and my feet hurt. If you suffer from these, please see your doctor as soon as possible. Diabetes also makes me susceptible to heart disease and pneumonia, and COVID-19.

Otherwise, I am a Film Director, Screenwriter, Composer, Steadicam operator, Social Documentary Photographer. My latest film is The Borderline, released on December 4, 2019.

My CSR Project 3: Sustaining the Impossible

How is your neuropathy? All those not-so-old boys hobbling down the street with their walking sticks and hurting feet. How about your fingertips? It starts with your feet feeling cold, even in hot water that you cannot feel. If my BS is too high, my ankles and wrists ache and there are pains in my feet. Are your eyes going in and out of focus, or have you not noticed yet? Wait until you get pneumonia!

Watermelon, as a type 2 diabetics, I have no trouble eating watermelons, Love them. Watermelon. I love watermelon.

I take metformin 20 minutes before breakfast to give it time to kick in. I am not sure if it is necessary, but the 45-minute brisk walk is great; research shows sustained exercise gets rid of visceral fat, importantly around your pancreas that is probably the problem. I walk 30 minutes after breakfast. So, are you going to behave yourself? If you do this walk, you can have porridge for breakfast! If you cannot do the walk, have the no-carbohydrate breakfast, eggs and bacon or something until you have experimented.

I have porridge with unsweetened chocolate powder, or fenugreek, cinnamon and chia seeds, a teaspoon of each, and some milk. I can manage this without having to go for a walk. If, however, I have fruit as well, which I may have every other day, both are big in carbohydrates, and I take a walk afterwards. I cannot manage apples at all, too much sugar, but I can manage an orange or a slice of watermelon, and do I love fruit. Porridge and fruit are serious carbohydrates, but I do not touch fruit juice - you might as well have a Coke.

Managing BS is about exercise: 45 minutes brisk walking in the morning will reliably take me to 5.4 mmol/L. After breakfast is best because it is ‘my’ time. If I am going to have carbohydrates for lunch, I like to have a 20-minute walk afterwards or know I will be physically active in the afternoon, to get my sugar level down. The problem is that exercise in the afternoon is not reliable. If there is no prospect of exercise, I have a no-carbohydrate lunch, meat, fish, eggs or cheese and salad.

But, if I am going to be active in the afternoon, I can have lentils, beans, peas, or quinoa with meat, cheese or eggs, borlotti beans and pork sausages is my favourite, and peas with meat or fish is fine. Be careful with sausages and other processed foods, they can have all sorts of carbs in them. If there is no label, I do not touch them. One type I know has dextrose, where anything ‘-ose’ is sugar, lactose, fructose, sucrose, glucose. Do not let anyone tell you anything else.

I have never liked lentils, but lentil and meat soup is okay. These are foods that have fiber and a low glycemic index, but you still need exercise in the afternoon. I will often have raspberries, strawberries or generic berries with a spoon of full cream yogurt or full cream. from a cow, not a can. Be careful with cream and cheese, I find it gives me high blood pressure if I have too much, even if it does not affect my blood sugar.

For dinner, the no-carbohydrate soup - I still love basic tomato soup - is the most reliable for a low blood sugar tomorrow morning. I also have meat and vegetables, a salad, or an omelette, all no-carbohydrate meals. If you go to bed with high blood sugar, I guarantee tomorrow morning it will be one unit higher. If your sugar is high at night, a 45-minute walk home will bring it down. If your fasting sugar is high in the morning, because you did not walk last night, go for your 45-minute walk before your no-carbohydrate breakfast.


Peter Langmead

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The script is prepared for my next movie and pre-production is in progress. This is the most time-consuming part of filmmaking and production is expected to begin at the end of the year,