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My latest film is The Borderline, released on December 4, 2019

THE BORDERLINE: the Full Outline

The Borderline header picture with Enya and Harry Hama

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Full Outline

Act1. Commissioner Hama reflects on his losses, later. Alleged rape is the inciting incident that follows. The brothers walk through the bush and reflect on their survival from police guns, while Hama reflects on a previous but related incident. Before that even, Faustino visits Wakuda, his witch doctor, to become rich by the devil, which is when we meet Hama in his younger days as a Private Investigator. The brothers are found at home in a bar. Hama dreams about a shootout on beach, and the brothers are earlier trying to do a gem deal with Brenda.

Harry Hama with witness on location for The BorderlineHarry Hama discusses the murder of his alter ego and headman with a witness in a village in Zambia after loading the body in his pickup for transport to the forensic department, six hours away on dirt roads.

Act 2. The brothers discuss whether to gem deal or poach, which they say is more dangerous. Faustino revisits Wakuda to pay for his services. The brothers threaten headman Mulenga, but we don’t know why. Enya rings Harry Hama at his office, because headman Mulenga has been stabbed, so Hama and Bupe travel to Chilambwe as Hama tells of a picnic on beach in Chilambwe with his childhood sweetheart, Enya. They arrive, interview Enya and Jane, and collect Mulenga’s body. Bupe tells her findings to Hama as they drive to Kabwe with the body: a) driven by jealousy, Faustino beats his successful wife, Enya, in her shop to get money; b) Faustino beats his mother, so Mulenga throws him, and his two brothers, out of the village; c) Faustino attempts to rape his mother but is too drunk; d) Whisky Zulu finds the body of Enya’s father (Rab).

Harry Hama mets with Brenda on the banks of the Lower Zambezi, the Commissioner's Aide de CampHarry Hama discusses the murder with Brenda, the Commissioner's phantom Aide, on the banks of the Lower Zambesi, just after the brothers escaped by canoe.

Act 3. The brothers fight about Faustino’s pathological behaviour, as Hama tries to capture them. Enya goes with him for revenge. The brothers escape by river. The police hear about the case and PO Brenda is briefed by Hama, who asks for a boat. Brenda leaks the incidents to her brother, journalist Robin Chabota (Goodfellow) alleging, a) Mulenga was killed by Faustino and b) Rab was shot by Faustino with an arrow. Meanwhile, Miles, a pilot, is shot at a remote mobile clinic and sees the brothers trying to do a gem deal with Brenda, who is buying game meat, as he dies. The brothers on a beach near the airstrip. Enya and Hama pursue them to that beach because they all played and picnicked there as kids.

Harry Hama and Bupe, his assistant, about to drive to KabweHarry Hama falling in love with Enya, Faustino's wife, again, while Bupe, his office secretary and driver, is Enya's alter ego.

Act 4. Hama and Enya arrive at their childhood ‘playground’ and are met by PO Chikande, who takes them to see Inspector Itoloshi (Trouser). The Chief becomes involved: natural law prevails, it is too remote for police presence. He tries to get support from the police commissioner and asks for a boat; meanwhile, the brothers are drinking and are shot at by drunk policemen, but escape. Harry and Enya camp on their playground beach that night, Chikande finding Enya’s emerald trinket. The next morning, they capture the brothers’ returning borrowed canoe. In a random event, Whisky Zulu, the chief’s adviser, is also murdered with an arrow, allegedly from Faustino. The chief lobbies the local MP to get more action. Hama dreams Enya shoots Mr Phiri, the pub owner and freedom fighter.

Harry Hama, played by Dixon Mumba, on location with crewDixon Mumba on location as Harry Hama, who murders all his alter egos from his past.

Act 5. Chief meets with his old friend Inspector Itoloshi to discuss the serial murders. An army major turns up as increasing political pressure demands convictions. Mr Phiri hides the newly arrived police boat to mislead the police into believing the brothers have gone down river; meanwhile, the relationship between Hama and Enya grows. The police find the boat. Enya is beaten up and Hama finds her in a local clinic, where she dreams she is murdered by her husband (Faustino). Hama takes her and they find Jane, Faustino’s mother, beaten up on the road. Hama is bushwhacked by the brothers. The police and army camp on the beach, to capture the brothers the next day. Hama sees Enya, who convinces him to persuade the brothers to give themselves up. They arrive in time for dinner, where Hama is found to be Faustino’s alter ego, supported by hints throughout the film, not least that they, and other alter egos, are the same actor. The shootout is replayed, Enya shoots Hama as he shoots her, except it is Faustino, and there were two shots. They die together with their alter egos.

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