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LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – Post-production work is nearing completion on the second feature film to be released by Zambian film production house Langmead and Baker.

The Borderline pays homage to film noir – believed to be the first of its kind to be produced in Zambia - and will be pre-screened across the country before having its premiere in Lusaka.

The film tells a tragic story of love, betrayal and crime in a riverside village that is terrorised as three brothers seek the truth about the childhood trauma that changed the course of their lives. Family secrets and jealousy spill over into madness as the brothers go on the rampage, leaving a trail of destruction as they battle to find the truth, each in search of their own redemption. As they try to make sense of the world, identities, dreams and realities collide. Nothing is as it seems.

The film was shot on location in Lusaka, rural Chisamba and the Lower Zambezi, with a local cast and crew directed by long-term resident Peter Langmead and supported by renowned BBC lighting cameraman Denis Borrow (Superman, The Queen at 80, Richard Attenborough: A Life in Film, Piers Morgan On..., William & Kate: A Royal Engagement) as Director of Photography, with assistant directors Leelee Ngwenya, Tozya Botah and Kalenga Mwansa.

The lead roles of The Borderline are played by talented upcoming actors Dixon Ngoma and Mutinta Marie. Also part of the cast is award-winning actress Nancy Handabile, who is well known for her exceptional performances in Love Games and Zuba.

“Producing a film that stays true to the Zambia rural and urban life was a challenge that the whole cast and crew worked hard at. The Borderline tells a very powerful story about what people can do when they are in love and desperate. It is also believed the first film noir movie to be produced in Zambia, that is very exciting,” said Dr Langmead, the film’s writer and director.

The Borderline will be the second film to be produced by Langmead and Baker. In 2016 it released Damyna the Musical, which was screened at Festival International du Film PanAfricain held in Cannes, France, at which lead actress Josephine Kachiza won the Dikalo award for best actress.

Currently The Borderline is in post-production. Its release date will be announced on the Langmead and Baker Facebook page at


About Langmead & Baker

Langmead & Baker is a Zambia-based media and communications company with a long track record of producing engaging film, video, audio, photographic and written material under its own label and for clients across a wide range of sectors. It has produced two feature films: Damyna the Musical and The Borderline, showcasing the talents of local cast and crew under the direction of veteran writer and director Dr Peter Langmead.

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The Borderline news

The Borderline news

The Borderline news

The Borderline news

The Borderline news

The Borderline news

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