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The Legend of Konga Mato

Announcement hoarding The Chief phones police for help The Chief tries to attack Peri Phiri, who is defended by Jazz
The announcement of Konga Mato The Chief phones the police - nobody is there! The Chief attacks Blue Jeans.
The orchestra rehearses The digital hoarding board The Chief trying to call the police
Practising Legend of Konga Mato on March 28, 2015. Hoping to play Acts 1 and 2 together tomorrow for the first time. We were very pleased with the new digital hoarding board at Longacres advertising The Legend of Konga Mato advert. Still nobody is there!
The headman is wounded by kongamato The journeying part travelling at night The dancing troupe
The headman is wounded by a kongamato and comforted by his son and friend. Journeying party travelling at the dead of night through a forest, with a known leopard. Great group picture of the dancers after rehearsals.
Peri Phiri sung by Emmanuel Muleta Libanda sings Peri's friend Jazz Banda Tom Chiponge plays old man Jazz Banda
Emmanuel singing Peri Phiri, the leading tenor part. Libanda is singing Peri's friend, Jazz Banda, also a tenor. Tom, the old man, with O'brien as part of the chorus.

Running between March 30 and 18:00hrs on April 11, the performance of 'The Legend of Konga Mato' will be promoted on three digital hoarding boards on main roads in Lusaka. The 15-second advertisement will be on between 05:00hrs and 01:00hrs, 400 times per day, every three minutes.

The Legend of Konga Mato

Peter Langmead's latest opera, his second, is The Legend of Konga Mato, which will be performed by OperaZ with support from Langmead & Baker Ltd on April 9-11 at Lusaka Playhouse.

Not so long ago, near the misty Jiunda swamp, a young fisherman and a mysterious and beautiful young woman dressed in black battled with the terrifying Konga Mato for tomorrow and the future. This is the legend.

Chrispin Lindunda plays Peri Phiri (Periphery) is a young fisherman who unknowingly rescues Princess Mato from the Jiunda swamp and develops through the opera to become the main hero. Peri Phiri may be played by Chrispin Lindunda, seen here in Damyna, Damyna.

Paddy Mukando plays Konga Mato, who is the fiery king of ancient times whose business is to keep his errant chiefs in order, and reaping them when necessary. Actually, he is passed his sell by date and is confronted and defeated by Belita, his own estranged daughter, and Peri Phiri, a fisherman from the Jiunda swamp. Paddy's interview on youtube. Here, Paddy is playing the 'Drunken Bum' in Damyna, Damyna.

Jerry Mudenda is the Chief, Belita's adoptive father. He is a mildly tyrannical man, proud and loving of his adopted daughter and aggressive and irrational towards his subjects and indunas. He gets reaped by Konga Mato in the end.

Nalukena Lubosi plays Belita, who finds she is the Princess Mato of legend and becomes a great leader. She is brought up by the chief and defends the chiefdom with fisherman Peri Phiri from the marauding Konga Mato, who turns out to be her father. Nalu's interview on youtube.

Daniel Siisii is the conductor. Daniel's interview on youtube

Joseph Muyunda is OperaZ's music director, presently responsible for soloist and chorus rehearsals. Joseph's interview on youtube.

Chrispin Lindunda plays Peri Phiri in Damyna the Musical Paddy Mukando sings Ms Bwalya's husband in Damyna the Musical Naluken Lubosi plays Belita, Jerry Mudenda plays TRhe Chief
Chrispin Lindunda as Peri Phiri in Damyna the Musical Paddy Mukando plays Ms Bwalya's drunken husband in Damyna the Musical Jerry Mudenda plays The Chief, Nalukena Lubosi plays Belita, the Princess Mato
Jerry Mudenda rehearses The Chief Daniel Siisii is the conductor Joseph Muyunda is the music director
The Chief reheases as the set is painted Daniel Siisii is the conductor Joseph Muyunda is the music director

OperaZ promotes contemporary opera, dance and theatre by providing performance capability, even if, or particularly if, it is your first creation, at no cost. The rationale behind this is the dilemma for would-be composers, librettists and authors of not being able to find an agent without having first performed the work. The only barrier to entry is that you must 'know what you are doing', which means you may have studied at a recognised institution and/or otherwise competent at the necessary level. It is the most challenging of all the arts.

OperaZ will then produce the show with substantial in-house PR support and publicity. Your contribution and obligation is to direct it and be here to do it, and here is Zambia. The usual production time is six weeks, which can be longer due to seasonal lulls. You will received 10 per cent of receipts from performances, which will normally be six week nights plus a Sunday matinee, up to a maximum of six weeks, depending on demand and performance space availability.

We have a standing chorus of 16 singers and six contemporary jazz dancers, lighting, sound and the use of rehearsal space, with mirrors, performance space and audio and video recording facilities. OperaZ has a small orchestra of common instruments. We are presently supporting the production of The Legend of Konga Mato by Peter Langmead.

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Peter Langmead


Langmead & Baker Ltd is the producer company based in Lusaka, Zambia. I have to say, there is just nothing that compares with putting on a performance of an opera, nothing at all. I prefer to use Final Draft for writing scripts, but you can also use Celtx.

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