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Operas from Zambia

The Legend of Konga Mato: Videos from the Performance

YouTube Postings by song

Act I

Act II

Hey, Peri Phiri (currently missing) The Feast & The Attack II
Who is that woman? Reap the Chiefs (currently missing)
Requested and required Konga Mato (currently missing)
The Attack I & Bring a torch! Are you there? & My Great Friend
Who is she? How Can You Win? (currently missing)
Take These! A Boy like You! (currently missing)
We Must Go! I don't think so chief
Ordinary Men But what have I done?
What was that? & Band of Warriors What is he going to do to me?
The Battle for the Road I Daughter I
Who are you? I thought you fed her
The Battle for the Road II Daughter II
The Journey Onward (currently missing) Father, Father & Belita, my Heroine
You can't go & Have no fear of me!
Daughter III

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Peter Langmead


Langmead & Baker Ltd is the producer company based in Lusaka, Zambia. I have to say, there is just nothing that compares with putting on a performance of an opera, nothing at all. I prefer to use Final Draft for writing scripts, but you can also use Celtx.

The Next Movie

The script is prepared for my next movie and pre-production is in progress. This is the most time-consuming part of filmmaking and production is expected to begin at the end of the year,